Strong growth in the hospitality segment of the US has encouraged Trident to create more products that cater to the needs of the industry. The major home textile mill, which is based in India, has recently developed new collections constructed to provide the quality that hotel guests expect and the durability that properties require.

The Fedora sheet collection comprises cotton yarn with polyester filament at the core to create yarn that provides moisture management properties. The Durasoft collection, designed for luxury hotels, uses a unique innovation in spinning to provide a soft, absorbent towel with high resilience and minimal linting.

For the pool area, Trident has developed a range of reactive- and VAT-dyed towels that can stand up to the regular usage of bleaching agents in hotel laundries. Hotel chains currently supplied by Trident include Hilton, IHG, Waldorf, Park Avenue, Fairview, Atlantis and more.