Birla Cellulose is focused on sharing the sustainability philosophy behind its home textile fibres during the New York Home Fashions Market. The company produces a variety of home textile fibres including anti-bacterial viscose and stain-resistant fibres and is launching Liva Eco, made of Forest Stewardship Council wood with Higg 3.0 supply chain traceability. Liva Eco is a more sustainable fibre that can be used across numerous applications including bed linens, carpets, bath towels or furnishings.

“Our cellulosic fibres are best suited as blending partners, giving softness to polyester in pillows, luster to wool in carpets and rugs and shine to cotton in bed linen applications,” explained Aditya Biyani, Head of Home textiles and strategic projects. Birla, which opened a New York office and studio this summer, already had a strong presence in the United States, said Biyani, but the studio has allowed it to engage more actively with U.S. brands.

“We exhibit new products across categories made not just in our own R&D facilities,” he said, “but also from our large network of 400 value chain partners. This enables US brands to seek inspiration from a large assortment of fabrics and, at the same time, enables our partners to market their products in the US.”

He said while design and price have historically influenced customers’ preferences, an increased environmental focus across many agencies and brands has increased the enquiries related to renewable sustainable products. “Birla cellulose fibres offer a complete cycle for textile products,” said Biyani, going from tree to pulp to fibre to textiles in use to endof- life management. “Consumers are now very keen to be ‘responsible users’ and this is where we are finding an excellent match between market demand and our offering,” he said.