Bombay Dyeing, the flagship company of the Wadia Group, launches Theme Designs & customised bedsheets at HGH today. Ethnicity is a magnificent use of luxurious colours, lanterns, ornamental jewels for the liberty of flatbed printing. The rhythmic Strike a Stroke adores the textures created with the movement of a brush with a modern look. Bring home royalty with Reverie our smart geometric, classic European and sophisticated textures and patterns. Bombay Dyeing also launches the most awaited concept of “Customised bed sheets”, anticipating the GeNext digital era.

This new concept will transform the entire outlook of the Home Décor industry. Customers no longer will have to adjust to the available colours and designs. They will now have access to a larger array of colours that perfectly match their curtains and walls. For Customised bedsheets, all they have to do is, “click” what they like and upload it on the Bombay Dyeing website …… Et Voilá! Your bedsheet is delivered to you at your doorstep within 30 days.

Aloke Banerjee, CEO, Bombay Dyeing said, “Customer is the King. We have done a thorough research regarding customers choices & we are very happy to give what our customers are looking for. HGH provides a focused marketing platform for retailers, distributors and institutional buyers across India and hence we decided to launch these themes here.” adds Banerjee.

More about the themes:

Ethnicity: Ethnicity is a magnificent take on designs for the liberty of flatbed printing. Luxurious colors, lanterns, mandalas, architectural influences from all around the world. Ornamental jewel being our highlights.

Strike a Stroke: We as designers are so very art driven in all aspects of life. One such contribution to the work of art, we present to you, ‘Strike a Stroke’. We adore the texture that a pressure of hand can create with a brush. The rhythm; the movement; the splash, all depicted by just a stroke.

Reverie: Bring home royalty with our smart geometric, classic European and sophisticated texture and pattern. We offer you Reverie, our wide basket of products.