Epson and its subsidiaries For.Tex. and Fratelli Robustelli appoints The Textile Engineers of Pakistan (TEP) to drive Monna Lisa digital textile printer expansion in the Pakistan market. The Textile Engineers of Pakistan Private Limited (TEP) was established in 1949 as subsidiary of Platt UK with the aim to provide complete textile solutions. With 70 years of experience in the industry, offices in Lahore and Karachi and a network of six sales representatives all over the country, TEP is a recognised supplier for a large number of important brands specialised in the industrial textile segment. Brands that are known for their reliability, durability and precision and therefore perfectly in line with Monna Lisa philosophy.

Alpha Penta (Pvt.) Ltd, part of TEP group, is in charge of service and provides support to a large number of customers in different segment of textile industry, from spinning, to dyeing, from printing to finishing.

“Pakistan is one of the most important market in the worldwide textile industry,” comments Giovanni Pizzamiglio, DTF Sales and Marketing Director EMEAR and Americas, Epson Europe BV. “With 70 years of experience, a strong presence all over the country and a excellent customer service, TEP is the perfect partner to drive the expansion in the local market. We believe that our innovative offering, together with TEP force, will help Pakistan to remain one of the leader country in the textile industry.”

The partnership has two main objectives: On the one hand to increase the use of Monna Lisa in one of the most committed country in the transition from the traditional to the digital printing system; on the other hand, to offer Monna Lisa Pakistan customers an excellent quality support service that differs from competitors for the maximum guarantee and assistance throughout the production cycle: Print heads, inks, products for pre- and post-treatment up to mechanical assistance.

The textile sector in Pakistan has an overwhelming impact on the economy, contributing 57 per cent to the country’s exports. In today’s highly competitive global environment, the textile sector needs to upgrade its supply chain, improve productivity, and maximise value-addition to be able to survive. Today the country is facing much stronger competition not only from the regional competitors (Asian—China, India, Bangladesh etc.) but from the global level competitors from American and European textile players with the support of much advanced infrastructure and improved systematic operations. The local industry desperately requires more modern machinery and techniques to compete in an increasingly competitive industry.

The company, owned today by the two sons of the founder S Iqbal Husain, S YasirIqbal and S AarijIqbal, has a long historical relation with Italian machinery manufacturers including Corino (Feeding, Handling systems), Simet (Winders) and Danti Paolo (Raising, Shearing and Polishing machine). TEP is also part of the “Italian Development Committee” (Iqbal is the President) for promotion of Industrial textile technology in Pakistan.