Today’s carpet market craves individuality and demands high standards in terms of workmanship and materials. Trends are often short-lived and differ greatly depending on country and culture. To stay at the forefront of the carpet market, weaving mils must fulfill customers’ requirements effectively and swiftly.

With a weaving width of up 5.3mtr and integrating the latest technologies and high-end system components, the different machine types such as ALPHA 500 UNIVERSAL, ALPHA500 XHDC, ALPHA 500 SINGLELOOP, ALPHA 500 LEANTEC and enable carpet weavers to master these challenges. Proven at some of the largest weaving mills around the world, the ALPHA500 series by Staubli and its product division Schonherr carpet systems is renowned for efficient production.

Up to 3mn points per sqr mtr Middle East markets and ambitious designers seek carpet qualities with high and extremely high densities for their sophisticated carpet collections. Schonherr carpet systems quickly recognised these needs and launched the perfectly suited ALPHA500 XHDC in 2015. This carpet-weaving machine has since proven highly successful. The ALPHA 500 XHDC and the ALPHA 500 UNIVERSAL master even higher reed densities up to 1,200 dents/metre (8colours), which allows to weaving carpets with ultra-high resolution, without mixed contours, and with excellent backs.

Safety first- weaving staff enjoys high protection

Schonherr ALPHA weaving systems are extremely robust and designed to stateof- the-art engineering standards. They satisfy the most stringent safety requirements prescribed by international norms. With centralized control and connectivity to the mill’s local network, these systems are perfectly prepared for the industry standards of today and tomorrow.

Creative design options with innovative weft and cut pile technologies

Magic Weft Effect (Patent Pending)

Carpet designers are being called upon to create a unique carpet experience, and Magic Weft Effect 3 is a powerful tool for creating this. Three different weft threads per weft insertion line remain visible, enabling innovative design variations. Up to 6+6 different weft yarns can be used to create unique product with up to 15 different colour combinations in both the top web and the bottom cloth. Magic Weft Effect 3 is achieved with the optional multiweft selector, which is available for weaving widths 3.4 and 5 metres.

Magic Shadow effect (Patent pending)

The uni-colour pattern emerges as the viewing angle changes – this effect opens new possibilities for appointing modern interiors. By selecting a special combination of ground & pile weave structure, the cut pile can slant forward or backward to create interesting carpets with a noble look. The Magic Shadow effect works with all kinds of pile material.

Traditional carpet effect

Schonherr carpet systems offers the Traditional Carpet Effect (TCE) to the delight of oriental carpet enthusiasts. This effect produces the finest surfaces and carpet backs, indistinguishable from hand-knotted carpets.