The number of certified facilities to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) climbed 8.2 per cent last year. The number of certified sites has grown from 4,642 facilities in 2016 to 5,024 facilities in 2017. GOTS certified facilities are located in 62 countries around the world.

Countries or regions with the largest increase in GOTS certification in 2017 were: Bangladesh (+40 per cent), North America (+39 per cent), Portugal (+39 per cent), Europe (+29 per cent).The top ten countries in terms of total number of certified facilities are: India (1658), Bangladesh (534), Germany (480), Turkey (445), Italy (307), China (292), Pakistan (194), Portugal (180), USA (99), South Korea (69).

“The growing number of GOTS certifications shows that GOTS is taken as a solution for managing risks, reputation and market differentiation,” said GOTS Director Claudia Kersten at the GOTS Annual Meeting in Charleston, S.C. “We are very pleased with the development in North America. It will have the same pull effect as also seen in Europe by creating increasing capacities in the producing countries”.