Hopeful of India turning a $5-tr economy by 2024, Home Minister Amit Shah recently said the last five years were dedicated to detoxifying the economy and in the next five, a series of reforms will be implemented to make the country one of the most powerful economies in the world. He was speaking at an event in Mumbai.

“In 2014, in the list of world economy, we stood at 11th with the size of economy at $2 tr. And after five years, today we have moved from 11 number to 7 and have reached $2.9 tr and I have full confidence that by 2024, we will achieve the target of $5 tr,” quoted Shah as saying.

He was also optimistic about India’s position in the ease of doing business ranking to reach within the top 30 before 2024. Urging the industry not to lose confidence simply because of temporary growth slowdown, the Minister said the pace of reforms has not decelerated.