The Home Textile Exporters’ Welfare Association (HEWA) has demanded the government to release pending dues under a taxes and levies rebate scheme. In March, the government had announced the Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies on Export of Garments and Made-ups (RoSCTL) scheme which provides rebate on all embedded taxes on exports, but HEWA claimed exporters are yet to receive the refunds from this scheme which are pending since last 7 months.

“Christmas festival sale is coming and Indian exporters have received orders from all over the world but due to pending RoSCTL and GST refunds, non-availability of credit from banks and cost escalation, the exporters are having lack of funds to fulfill orders on a timely basis,” the association said.

The association submitted a memorandum in this regard to Textiles Secretary Ravi Capoor here. The made-ups segment comprises of home textiles products such as bed linen, pillows and carpets. Under the scheme, maximum rate of rebate for apparel is 6.05 per cent while for made-ups, this goes up to 8.2 per cent.

“Release of RoSCTL will give instant liquidity to exporters to complete the pending as well as new orders,” the association said in the memorandum. It said that in case there is a delay in doling out the RoSCTL payments, it will lead to cancellation of orders.