The country’s first Center of Excellence will be opened in Almora for the preparation and research of natural fiber by the plants found in Himalayan regions. For this, the Ministry of Textiles has released a sum of Rs. 20 cr. This center will be set up through the Northern India Textile Research Association (NITRA). The State government has transferred one acre land for the center to the Textile Ministry.

For the preparation of research and filament on Himalayan Natal (Kandali), Bhang, Bhimal, Rambans, Bhabar grass in Uttarakhand, Center of Excellence based on Natural Fiber will be established in Almora. It will be the first center of the country to promote Himalayan Natural Fiber. Ministry of Textiles has released a sum of Rs 20 cr as the first instalment for the construction of the center.

In the last few days, Textile Minister Smriti Irani held a meeting with the representatives of tourism, agriculture, culture and State Government. She has asked this center to be developed in terms of tourism and culture.

So that tourists coming from outside can be attracted to the products made from natural fibre. With the promotion of natural fibre, resources for livelihood will be available to people in mountainous areas.

In Uttarakhand there is a lot of demand in the international market of clothes fabrics made from Kandali, Bhang, Bhimbal, Rambans and Bhabar grass. In Uttarakhand, more than 95 per cent of the vegetation have fibre. In Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand Bamboo and Fiber Development Council has professionally identified some species.