This year, China Home Textile Association, The Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd introduce the 2019 trends at Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles. T Nelly Rodi (international trendsetter) headed a trend committee mixing different fields of expertise in order to gain the finest comprehension of international lifestyle forecasts. The committee comprises four experts: a Creative Director, an international Home Textile Brand, a Department Store and a Design Director who conducted meetings together in Paris lead by NellyRodiTM Agency. During these brainstorming sessions, each expert shared their knowledge, their inspirations and exchanged their visions of trend evolutions considering consumer demand the retail expertise, contract markets and new technologies. To offer the most suitable trends for this forum, Nelly Rodi decided to merge expert creative visions with sociological insights from a NellyRodiTM Agency international consumer study. This new methodology led to the definition of this year’s three trends themes that Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd and Nelly Rodi are happy to present to you!



Creation is infused with the values of new ecosocio- responsible awareness and is drawn into its virtuous circle. New aware and committed cre-actors innovate to invent manifesto objects that meet our need for a more ethical way of being. These new players participate in a united dynamic to protect the communal wellbeing that strengthens the impetus of sustainable development. Man’s place is redefined in a nature he recognises as a living, breathing entity. This produces more reasonable patterns of behavior and our incoherent lifestyles are reorganised harmoniously in respect for man and the environment. Now greener, more moral and socially oriented, creation draws from alternative imaginations to protect natural and cultural resources. It pulls inspiration from new eco-gestures and good altruist sense with a new credo – take care of nature and man.

01. Eco Fib Ers

Responsible alternatives to polluting textile production are being organized. They champion the use of natural fibers and healthier, fairer manufacturing processes. Protecting the earth’s resources is the challenge innovation must meet for a better future, and the use of these organic, recyclable, biodegradable eco fibers takes it one step closer. Exceptional textiles made using milk protein, fish collagen-enhanced fiber, fermented biomass fiber, and soybean fiber are being developed.

Adding a new creative aspect to the lexical field of nature in the textile and furnishings industry, they are the proof that linen, cotton and silk are no longer the only means of creating fabrics with generous, natural, virginal beauty.A greener future calls for materials possessing character and the added emotional extra that conveys life-giving energy.

02. Sacred Bedding

Take care of nature and it’ll return the favor! Questing a life in harmony with our environment, we target wellbeing. The existence of the “slow” movement and our desire for the ultra-natural show our interest in nurturing our health. In a context where ageism is sacred, bed has become the perfect place for healthful revitalization. Natural, “sensitive” bedding is like a fountain of youth in a paralyzed world. White linen symbolizes this return to an original, comforting, soothing idea of fresh. Sacred bedding is wellbeing’s new luxury – the calm, pleasure-filled luxury of a comfortable, cozy bedroom. It’s a modern-day Eden and sleep is the new remedy for a hectic daily lifestyle. If every morning is a renaissance, each new beginning is regenerated by miraculous balms, creams and tisanes, and reinvigorated by rejuvenating light therapy. While rest in the form of cures and spa treatments is a good idea, beddy-byes is the best!

MYX by Jonas Edvard

The lamps consist of plant fibre and mushroom mycelium. The lamp is grown into shape during a period of 2-3 weeks, where the mushroom mycelium grows together the plant fibres into a flexible and soft living textile. After 2 weeks you can harvest the healthy Oyster mushrooms. The waste product ‘shaped as a lamp’ can then be dried and used as a lightweight material, that is both organic, compost able and sustainable.

Tannin Coa T by Luzie Deubel

The lamps consist of plant fibre and mushroom mycelium. The lamp is grown into shape during a period of 2-3 weeks, where the mushroom mycelium grows together the plant fibres into a flexible and soft living textile. After 2 weeks you can harvest the healthy Oyster mushrooms. The waste product ‘shaped as a lamp’ can then be dried and used as a lightweight material, that is both organic, compost able and sustainable.

Alpha Blanket – Alpha

Alpha™ is a scientifically engineered weighed blanket, designed to fit your body’s ergonomics. It uses special beads allowing it to be 60 per cent thinner than other weighted blankets. The enhanced beads increases the contact surface area by up to 700 per cent for a higher resolution pressure delivery resulting in a softer, smoother feel. Alpha’s organically shaped pattern contours the body further optimizing calming.


American start-up Casper uses innovative technology to create pressue-relieving, breathable mattresses. The shape memory foam includes a microscopic opencell top layer to facilitate the movement of air and flow heat away from your body.

COLOURS Future Herbarium

Nature reinvented in a colour card that looks like plants of the future, a decontaminating, authentic range.

Nature becomes extraordinary and exotic with the addition of brights.


Natural materials are preferred to artificial materials. The irregularities and singularity of recycled or reused materials in particular are preserved and showcased. Wood, bamboo and clay are paramount. The symbol of nature’s rebirth is observed in the choice of materials. They are organic, plant-based and occasionally edible. A second-skin aspect is appreciated, as is the gentleness they exude.

PRIN T & Embroideries

Motifs emerge from grooved or blistered surfaces, woven, caned or plaited effects. Focus on the aesthetic of the beehive and its honeycombed cells. Speckled compacted or agglomerated materials are appreciated for their grain. Motifs inspired by botanicals, stabilized plant silhouettes and mushrooms are explored. Line drawings of stems, flowers and foliage in two-tone or tone-on-tone colour ways. Graphic, clean checks: windowpane checks, mini grids … In grass green and beige tones. Mini spots, dotted effects, subtle, striated blurries.


01. Serial collector
02. Personalization

No half-measures, the recipe for creation is infused with a bold spirit. Joy and mockery are added before overthrowing the consensual codes of good taste. When mixed to obtain a generous, zesty, spicy solution it produces whimsical, almost provocative energy capable of enlightening the gloomy present. In a surge of optimism creativity takes delight in telling tales. It weaves a story like an adventure’s heroine who disrupts the romance with nonsensical dada images. It plays on whimsical surrealism and petulance, the master of light-hearted insouciance. It plants a seed of madness in creation. Gaiety and fantasy amuse rational souls and titillate a taste for risk. Paradoxes, mixes, playful twists and a quirky state of mind blow a spirit of freedom through ideas and demand the right to re-creative impertinence.

01. SerIal Collector

Adding precious notes to a quirky attitude, nobility to monomania, and a light heart to obsession, creation exhilarates the act of collecting objects. Creativity pulls inspiration from the folly of collectors who compile accumulations of colours, mixes of materials and proliferations of prints in addictive frenzy. Like serial collectors, designers adopt unabashed profusion and create a pandemonium abounding in aesthetic effects and anecdotes. They compose stories like enigmas or exquisite cadavers. Like a treasure hunt, the creator-collector tracks the rare piece or the missing link to a puzzle in the quest for the perfect series. This whimsy reveals the collection’s objects like pieces from a treasure chest and forms an exceptional collection proudly presented like a curiosity cabinet under glass or frame.


02. Personalization

If individualism was the introverted refuge-response to an inextricable life context, the expression of identity is once more the lighthearted means to unabashed communication. Identification is expressed – perhaps even over-expressed – in gleeful forms with adulescent codes: feel-good messages on pins, badges with grigri-like Insignia, patches with lucky charm emblems, pictograms on brooches, and all sorts of other goodies. Champion a lifestyle, support a cause or showcase a team displaying signs, symbols and colour codes on totes and T-shirts. The tribe’s attribute proves affiliation and marks a difference; it must be highly appealing, flashy, pop and outrageously colourful. Sometimes tacky and often fun, other times ultra luxurious, they are accumulated in an almost bling, totally joyous spirit of excess.

Altered Perspectives

by Little Owl Design
Altered Perspectives is an on-going art project combining two different mediums to create something new, in this case paintings with ceramics. For instance a painting of boats is combined with plates containing marine dècors, and the process as it were ‘alters their perspective’.By breaking the painted image into several parts, the subject is removed from its framed confines, extended, and given a new life as a new art piece.

Ceramica Print Wallpaper

by Matthew Williamson
The hand-drawn Ceramica pattern from Matthew Williamson’s new wallpaper and fabrics collection for Osborne & Little takes inspiration from the porcelain on display at Belvoir Castle in England.


Textiles are generous with deep colours, and textiles such as satin, jacquards or elegant velvets that catch the light. Very dense colours and highly decorative objects. Focus on passementerie with a spotlight on the omnipresent fringe for furniture, lighting and textile accessories. Textiles include damasks and brocades, beading, raw silks (satin, velvet, chintz, gazar). Devorés and cutouts / Iridescent and pearly / Moirés and shot effects / Silky and hairy / Silk, viscose, cotton / viscose / embroideries / Exaggerated, stylized historic effects / Lurex and chenille yarns.

PRINT & Embroideries

Curious, surprising flowers (orchids, irises, anthuriums, amaryllis, etc.) add a strange, exotic touch to decoration. Maxi flowers with petals resembling exotic, multicoloured bird feathers. Dots, halfcircles and squares that are hand-drawn and hand painted. Collages representing imaginary wildlife: fantastic animals and extraordinary, hybrid creatures. Curves and sinewy scrolling in marbleized colours blended like bookbinding paper.

Gucci Decor – by Gucci

Gucci introduces a personalised home interiors collection to mirror the mix-and-match decorations seen on the Gucci mainline fashion catwalk. Curated by creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci Décor applies a DIY approach to homeware with motifs, eclectic patterns and joyful colours.

Knit for You – by Adidas

The knit for you pop-up experience puts the wearer in control, linking up full-body scanners with computers and knitting machines to let customers co-create garments tailored exactly to their needs.

Dandy Baroque

A fanciful mood of dark, inky colours but also rich shades awakened by shimmery, silky, precious half-tones.


01. The Heritage Signature
02. Sensitive Fabrics

Reenchanting the world is the quest of a tormented, meditative society seeking calm and new meaning. The need to console our cherished earth revives the emotion its immemorial beauty inspires. New nostalgia for the origin of things reconnects us to the essential. Neo-mysticism consecrates the elements and celebrates spiritual, benevolent nature. It inspires the perpetuation of the traditions and rituals our ancestors practiced, in all their wisdom and humanism, to glorify nature. Lyricism and solemnity elevate creation. The gesture is transcended. A new kind of creativity falls outside of time in harmony with the universe. Dreamers find bliss and evasion in the halo of magic that surrounds contemplative artists or artisans who draw their inspiration from the sources of a landscape of ancestral beliefs and symbols.

01. The heritage signature

Heritage is felt in the hand-formed material of an object. It is the heritage of artists and artisans with often ancient savoir – faire who strive to root their traditions in time. Bequeathing this precious legacy to future generations is paramount. The heritage signature holds the secrets of excellence whose rarity is cultivated by the new luxury. Nobility is felt in the sensitive objects that convey emotion and reveal the essence of the creator. Mastery, intellect and self-sacrifice are the attributes of a new cult devoted to the handmade that instills new confidence in the gesture. In the hands of modernity new rites and ceremonies are revitalized. The act of reconnecting with natural and cultural riches unfolds time’s myriad layers. Like divine renaissance in suspended time, the objects’ durability defies oblivion and lends it soul.

02. Sensitive Fabrics

Senses, sensations and emotions are our essence; and our desire for Epicureanism appoints the arts of living to enchant them. Prioritizing material pleasures in our frenzied lives we forget to listen to our minds and bodies. Experiences are essential if we want to invite sensoriality into our daily lives. New, benevolent, smart textiles are able to calm or arouse hypersensitivity; responding to our behavior, they comfort and console or excite and stimulate. Embedded in the fibres, sensors reacting to external factors breathe magic and poetry into the heart of technical rationality. Sensitive fabrics perceive the turn of the wind and the change in temperature, anticipate fatigue, improve our posture, and adapt their qualities to our moods. And redefine the idea of “taking care of ourselves”.

Regen by Wendy Andreu

Called ‘Regen (which means “rain» in Dutch), her textile is double-sided with water-repellent latex on one side, and cotton rope on the other. Where the dark latex seeps between the light rope it creates shading and textural detail that make each item unique. Wendy’s accessories and garments are made by coiling the rope around a laser cut steel mold.

The K-Lapse

by Yu Han with The Lab K-LAPSE
This first Bio-Tech Fashion project we use the power of Kombucha tea to design a more suistanable, biodegradable and suffer free alternative to leather.

ISSHO – by Pauline Van Dongen ISSHO

Providing subtle bodily sensations, this intelligent denim jacket exudes the sensation of a gentle stroke on the upper back. Based on the wearer’s behaviour, the jacket responds to intimate touches to become a mediator of revived experiences in daily life.

Flexible batteries power

New research from The University of Manchester has demonstrated flexible battery-like devices printed directly on to textiles using a simple screen-printing technique using graphene. Further development of graphene-oxide printed supercapacitors could turn the vast potential of wearable technology into the norm.

As winter sets in, the wardrobe darkens. A range of enigmatic shadows borrows its mystery from the dense atmosphere of Flemish painting. Northern light seems to sculpt the dark tones of faux blacks as if they were living material. And the powerful elegance of minimalism renews the codes of chic.



Seeking spare, artisanal authenticity. Showcasing the original beauty of materials and surfaces. Fantasy is discreet, almost minimalist, and primarily tone-on-tone. Slubbed denim / Soft canvases and twills / Washed or brushed finishes / Mini weaves and yarndyes / Mini bicolor effects / Silk + wool and cotton + silk blends / Irregular, dynamic textures / Granity, discreetly wavy surfaces / “Brushstroke” stripes / Maxi ribs / Geometric jacquards / Felted and blistered / Maxi textured yarns / Gridded effects.

PRINT & Embroideries

Here the textile is architecture, and design reduced to its most essential expression. Subtracting to better spotlight the primordial. Maxi, inky lines. Brushstrokes or India ink traces inspired by the work of Soulages and Hartung. A maxi construction associating graphic bands and brushed lines. Games of delicate dotted lines. Watercoloured stripes and dots.