Karastan’s new Simpatico collection, inspired by the earlier Kismet collection, strikes a balance between New Zealand wool fibres and parent Mohawk Industries’ proprietary Smart Strand Silk performance fibre.

“Simpatico is an extension of the success we have seen with our Kismet Collection,” said Erika Banks, Product Director at Karastan. “This marriage of New Zealand wool and our Smart Strand Silk allows for superior durability and a beautiful finished hand.”

She added that Simpatico’s fibre blend offers the inherent durability, sustainability and performance attributes of both wool and Smart Strand to create rugs that are soft and durable. Woven on Van de Wiele looms in the USA, Simpatico features modern transitional patterns that pair together well and are set in a palette of natural and neutral colours.

Simpatico is available in more than 40 stocking sizes but also can be made in custom sizes. “This wide range of sizes and options makes it easy to find a size to fit in any room,” she added. The collection is set launch this summer at during the Atlanta International Gift, Home and Rug markets July 10-16 and the Las Vegas Market July 29 to August 2