India’s Maharashtra State is seeking investment in the textile sector from Southern States Tamil Nadu and Karnataka where integrated textile chains are facing problems, including power cuts and enquiry from pollution control boards, according to State Textile Minister Subhash Deskmukh, who recently urged investors to make Solapur a uniform and textiles hub.

Maharashtra is organising a three-day Uniform, Garment and Fabric Manufacturers Fair in Bengaluru starting January 8 for the purpose, according to report. Around 400 textiles units have been set-up in Solapur since the fair was launched three years ago. Maharashtra plans to raise that number to 2,000 by 2022.

The State, which aims to generate one mn jobs by 2023, announced that to promote the processing of cotton, silk and other raw materials used for traditional and man-made purposes, the government intends to invest as much as Rs. 46.49 bn in various schemes to be implemented under the ‘Fibre to Fashion’ mission from 2018 to 2023.