Interior designer Mark Cunningham has launched Marked collection of furniture, fabrics and found goods recently. After 15 years with Ralph Lauren, Cunningham started his own eponymous design firm in 2005. The Marked collection is grounded on a refined furniture line produced by local artisans and built around favorites from Cunningham’s portfolio of custom designed pieces while also introducing newly imagined shapes to fulfill a collection that is versatile and timeless. It includes upholstery and casegoods.

The line’s curated selection of found and vintage objects is sourced globally and from his own private collection, and showcases Cunningham’s deep regard for provenance, craftsmanship, and quality. And inspired by his lifelong affinity for ceramics, the program’s premier textile collection features Cunningham’s reinterpretations of patterns and colours used by some of the prolific ceramicists that have influenced his aesthetic. The fabrics are designed to serve a wide range of projects. They are woven from all natural cotton and linen fibres and engineered for use across multiple applications.

Cunningham said establishing a textiles line through Marked offers him the opportunity to experiment with design in ways he has not typically. “As it develops, the Marked fabric line will showcase colour palettes, patterns, and textures that will help to broaden the definition, and the versatility, of the Mark Cunningham ethos.”