Appreciated urban boutique show, all-over

For the 10th year in a row MoOD+F Indigo 2018 again turned out to be the ideal place to meet for interior decoration professionals. In the urban setting of Tour & Taxis visitors and exhibitors enjoyed the necessary time and comfort to discuss business. The number of 3,256 high quality visitors met the expectations. As it comes to international visitors the top 5 remains the same: 1. United Kingdom, 2 Germany, 3 The Netherlands, 4 France and 5. Russia. This 10th edition of MoOD+Indigo was celebrated with an exclusive night for exhibitors and visitors. None other than visionary artist Daan Roosegaarde gave a keynote speech that turned out to be more than inspiring. Roosegaarde combines his research of landscapes, interiors and exteriors of the future with technology and design. “Innovation always starts with imagination. Creativity is the new capital…”

The high quality level of the MoOD exhibitors was accentuated by the annual Blue Drop Award selection. Trend coach Niek De Prest explained the different trends that caught the jury’s eye: Bouclé, Sensory, Green colours, Mixed materials, Green & yellow, Shiny & effects, Outdoor and Cultural appropriation.

This year, Niek’s trend blog was translated into a presentation called the Next Wave visualising the trends for the coming years. For this an impressive moveable construction conceived by Konligo, a Belgian start-up, was used. The innovation platform has become an established value over the past years thanks to the inspiring collections of Material District, Colour Hive, Material Lab, Trendease International and Linen Dream Lab. This edition of the show can be seen as the launch pad for a new era. 2019 will see the first edition of MoOD+Indigo that will be organised from A to Z by Easyfairs. A fresh start with new means and an even stronger expertise in the field. September 2019 will be a month to look forward to.

Focus on quality

MoOD continued to aim high when it comes to the quality of the offer on display. Both exhibitors and visitors met a high quality profile. The MoOD 2018 survey shows that three-quarters of the exhibitors assigned a score of 75 per cent or higher when it comes to visitor quality.

Innovation and technology under the heading ‘Cutting Edge’

Hall “Shed 3 Bis” of the Tour & Taxis venue had 3 types of exhibitors:

  • Innovation Platform In 2018 the much appreciated MoOD Innovation Platform Sample Bank presented innovative materials and materials used in an innovative way. The focus was on textiles but other materials were taken into account as well. Its partners were: Colour Hive, Material Lab, MaterialDistrict, Trendease International & CELC Masters of Linen.
  • Cutting Edge Cutting Edge expanded this year and united companies with an offer in the field of technology, new techniques, processes, materials, yarns for technical textiles.
  • Launch Pads Startup businesses and designers that have been in the industry for five years or less take the spotlight at MoOD. Launch Pads is the place where you can find new talent, fresh approaches to production, new materials, novel concepts and even new suppliers you didn’t know you were looking for: Talent scouted by Jennifer Castoldi and the Trendease Team.
Next Wave – a trend theme and a blog

Because the show believes that trends come in waves and that the next wave had the impact of a tsunami, the trend theme was baptized ‘Next Wave’. In addition to the familiar predictions about colours and materials, it also touched on some sensitive topics. The need to focus on specific target groups for example. Or the social changes that are looming and that may affect our sector in the long term. Take Chiangchou for example, a movement in China that drives people away from the city and into the countryside.

Trends presentation turned upside down

For the first time, there were no fabric samples by exhibitors on the trend platform. The most important trends that definitely influenced the future of living and working were on display. Trends cannot always be materialised with samples. MoOD wants to create a different kind of interaction. A ‘Future Dome’ was built for this purpose, immersing the visitor completely in a possible future.


Show up!

“In the digital age, trade fairs continue to play an important role,”according to Patrick Geysels, General Manager MoOD+Indigo. “Visiting trade shows remains the most popular way to stay up-todate when it comes to sector related news. This is stated by 88.5 per cent of the visitors in the 2017 post show survey.”

Blue Drop Awards 2018 and the winners are…

The Blue Drop Awards were handed out on the second day of MoOD by Katrien De Smet of MoOD, Blue Drop jury chairwoman Niek De Prest and for the Launch Pad jury Jennifer Castoldi of Trendease International. These Blue Drop nomination and awards are an inspiring overview of the “best of the best” of what you can find at MoOD. Selected from creations submitted by exhibitors. Unique in its own way because it is the world’s only quality label of its kind for interior textiles.

Best Upholstery Award

Winner: Velvetex – IT
Approaching this collection, one immediately is overwhelmed by a feeling of luxury. There are multiple reasons to select Velvetex as a winner. First their use of high density weaving, a new technique leading to very dense velvets. But what they do with it is at least as impressive. They combine artificial raffia with (recycled) wool, sparkling details and ‘sashiko’ – Japanese embroidery for functional stitching – on velvet, creating a discrete 3D effect. On top of all that, it was the colour setting in mustard yellow and white that gave it a finishing touch.

Runner up: D’Decor – IN

With 200 wefts per inch, D’Decor creates real pieces of art that are strong enough to be used as upholstery. The colours are appealing and on trend and they offer lots of eclectic combining possibilities. One should take a closer look at every fabric to discover the real perfection behind it.

Best Window Covering Award

Winner – GM Fabrics- IN
GM Fabrics produced a range of window coverings in a folky theme. The combination of the colours, the patterns and the embroidery is at the same time trendy, classy and new.

Runner up: Bezmez – TR

For the use of their special PE yarns that lead to sensitive contrasts bet ween matte and shiny effects. Butalso for the subtle greens combined with embroidery in a classical paisley pattern.

Runner up: Arturo Pozzi – IT

Arturo Pozzi has all production facilities in the house and they use it in a clever way. The use of high performance virgin wool from New Zealand is a deliberate choice for animal welfare. But even more impressive is the colour setting.

Runner up: Sofacover – BE

This young artisanal company has everything in the house. From spinning to creating and weaving. Their collections aim at a select group of buyers who choose natural materials and thoughtful designs. The company mostly creates with flax, but this time they also came up with a wonderful creation in wool.

Runner up: – Difference -TR

For the EU market Difference produced a collection in natural yarns, mostly linen, claiming a different position in the Turkish market. The jury liked the use of materials, the texture and the designs.

Most Promising Collection Award

Winner: Algemene Two – BE
The jury was impressed by the focused and thoughtful combinations. The collection is created to inspire customers and to stimulate cross selling. The colours, textures and high-end feeling of the collection aims at a niche market that is willing to pay for the extreme luxury of alpaca and mohair.

Runner up: Muvantex – BE

Muvantex brings a coherent presentation of lager patterns that can also be used on smaller items. A collection pre