“>Well versed in ca sual luxury bedding and accessories, PomPom At Home is now in the rug business, too. The company, based here, is introducing its first line to the category in January during the winter markets. The debut began earlier this month at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings and the Dallas Total Home & Gift markets. Spanning six collections, the natural fibre rugs are all flat-woven in India and made of cotton or wool. Sizes range from 2-by-3-foot accents to 8- by-10-roomsize as well as an eight-foot long runner.

“This has been an idea for years to do it,” Hilde Leiaghat, CEO, explained. “It is a logical expansion of our textiles and to move textiles to the floor for a more comprehensive look in our lifestyle brand.” She noted many of the rug designs are derived from existing bedding collections, for example the Blake and Jackson duvet collections.

“It has been a dream of mine to do rugs, and we feel the time is right and with the right sales force to bring these products to the public,” she continued. “We will definitely expand more in our rugs. At our first show in Atlanta, we had an amazing reaction to the rugs, so we hope to expand with different designs. We had decorative smaller rugs in our accessories line a couple years ago, and since they’ve done so well then, it was the right time to expand more in larger sizes”