Spanish textile firm Fluvitex will open its first US factory in Groveport in Ohio on October 3 to make pillows, quilts and other products for Swedish company Ikea. About two-thirds of the quilts, cushions and pillows sold by Ikea in North America will be manufactured at the factory, according to Nora Zullo, Purchasing and Logistics Area Manager of Inter Ikea.

Fluvitex, through its US subsidiary Fluvitex USA, has invested $8 mn in machinery and equipment in the plant. Total investment will reach $12 mn, including construction, inventories and information technology infrastructure, according to reports originating from Ohio State’s Columbus region.

The 123,588-sq-ft facility will employ around 80. The factory’s location at central Ohio will result in shorter transportation distances and a lower energy consumption per output, which could lower product prices, Zullo said. Fluvitex is a subsidiary of Masias, a Spainish company with more than 75 years of experience in the textile industry.