Stäubli provides innovative technological solutions in three dedicated fields of activity: Connectors, Robotics, and Textile. Founded in 1892, Stäubli is today an international Group with its head office in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. Stäubli is active on all major continents and manages 12 production sites. Stäubli Textile has been developing and producing high-quality systems for the weaving industry for over a century. The company holds a strong market position in textile machinery, a position earned through the continual pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Stäubli’s latest generation Jacquard machine LXXL is specially developed for weaving large-pattern flat fabrics such as upholstery, tapestry, silk fabrics and fabrics for apparel on rapier weaving machine. LXXL Jacquard machine with upto 25,600 hooks answers the trend towards larger jacquard formats. It offers weaving mills the flexibility to create sophisticated designs whilst safeguarding the excellent quality of jacquard textiles and maintaining production efficiency. Some of the main features of LXXL are:

  • Field of application: Rapier weaving machine
  • Fabric suitability: All flat fabrics
  • Available formats: 12,800 / 15,360 / 17,920 / 20,480 / 23,040 / 25,600 hooks**
  • Drive system and shedding: Double-lift open-shed Jacquard machine, Coaxial shaft system, controlled by complementary cams, Precise adjustment of shed geometry
  • Hook selection: Stäubli MX module with QUICK LINK connection and New generation electronic control system NOEMI for hook selection
  • Electronic control: Independent Stäubli JC7 control unit, synchronized with the weaving machine