Loftex, a leading manufacturer of high-quality towels, recently announced that its performance towels made with a blend of cotton and post-consumer recycled plastic (recycled polyethylene terephthalate, rPET) are available through National Retailers. The sustainably enhanced towels are high quality and quick drying. They are source-verified by CertainT® platform developed by Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., a leader in PCR-based DNA manufacturing for product authenticity and traceability.

Charles Gaenslen, CEO of Loftex Home, noted that “Consumers expect transparency in the products they choose to purchase, especially ones that claim to use recycled content. Smart retailers have committed to sustainability goals and our new eco-friendly performance towels help them get there.” He added, “By using Applied DNA’s platform, we’re providing assurance to consumers that our claim of using sustainable rPET is traceable and source-verified with CertainT.”

Dr. James A Hayward, CEO of Applied DNA, said, “We are now in multiple national retailers, in over 2,000 stores, and in thousands of SKUs, from Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, Amazon and others. We recognise the importance of protecting brand equity and have created the CertainT platform to offer retailers and brands and consumers complete assurance for the claims being made.”

Loftex is helping consumers understand the benefit of sustainable product choices with a series of innovative videos that shows consumers how to be part of the sustainable solution by choosing products that use recycled content without sacrificing quality or performance. “We want consumers to feel good about the towels they purchase and that they can have a great performing towel that is also good for the environment,” explained Gaenslen.

CertainT offers a platform to tag, test and track materials within a supply chain to verify authenticity. Loftex markets and sells bath and beach towels with CertainT source-verification for rPET. The high-performance towels for home use come in bath, hand and wash-cloth sizes, colours and styles. Additional products utilizing CertainT source-verification for rPET will continue to be introduced in towels and other home products this year.