Thermal insulation producer Heat-MX Worldwide has introduced a new performance technology for down & feather apparel and home furnishings. The patent-pending iDown Technology provides a number of performance benefits that do not require a change in existing production processes, according to the company. They include:

Odour control through moisture/sweat extraction out of down/feather material, Down leak prevention, even though needle holes, significant reduction in down/feather consumption while providing same level of puffiness and warmth, wash-at-home capability, improved thermal efficiency with nocold- spot technology, high thermal efficiency even in wet weather conditions, sustainable, recyclable technology, wind proof/water resistance functionalities, no chemical treatment for the functionalities cited above

“iDown’s breakthrough technology brings consumers many performance benefits. It can also help brands and manufacturers achieve significant savings on manufacturing costs,” said Sae Chang, President of Consultation Hanco, Inventor and Owner of the iDown Technology.