India on course to be amongst top 50 countries in Ease of Doing Business by next year. Hailing the continuous improvement in India’s ranking in Ease of Doing Business, Sharad Kumar Saraf, President, FIEO said that such improvement bespeaks volumes of the systematic improvement and transparency brought by the Government in various areas of economic activities. President, FIEO said that the new Government, since 2014, put focus on far reaching reforms which has resulted in improving our ranking from 142nd position in 2014 to 77th position in 2018 and 63rd position now. We are on our course to come in top 50 countries by next year as promised by our Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Saraf said that it is equally heartening that India is amongst top 10 economies improving the most across 3 or more measures adopted by the Doing Business Report. India’s improvement in resolving insolvency, starting a business, delay in construction permit and trading across border has led to such improvement. However, we need to move forward so that we may reflect similar improvements in other 6 areas of the measures adopted by the World Bank.