Lenzing has put its Tencel-branded Lyocell fibers with Refibra technology in the spotlight at Heimtextil this week.This is the first time Refibra has been the key Tencel fiber highlighted at a home & interior trade show. Addressing the circular economy in home textiles, the Rifibra technology unites two innovations: the eco-friendly, closed loop production process of TencelLyocell fibers and the upcycling of a substantial proportion of cotton scraps.

Combining wood pulp with pulp made from leftover cotton scraps from cutting operations, new virgin TencelLyocell fibers are produced to make yarns and fabrics for home textiles. For full transparency, Lenzing has developed an identification system to assure customers that the purchased products with Tencel produced with Refibra technology are really made out of the sustainable TencelLyocell fiber. Even after going through a long supply chain, the fibres can still be identified in the final product. As is the case with all Tencel fibers, Refibra offers high moisture absorbance and resists bacteria growth on the fabric surface. In addition, the smooth fibre surface makes bed linen gentle on skin.