Parent Sis Enterprises is collaborating with MHS Licensing and HRJ Design Studio – founded by artist Heather Fletcher – to develop the new The Art of Marbling collection. Siscovers will present the line at the winter 2019 Las Vegas Market, Jan. 27-21, 2019. The collection spans dozens of unique designs featuring The Art of Marbling on pillows, quilts, futon covers and curtain panels as well as bedding ensembles include comforters, bed skirts, sheets and duvet covers.

Marbling was originally used by Zen monks for its meditative process. It has evolved into a popular art form that centers on flowing paints, handmade tools and paper. “We’ve stayed true to that vision in order to produce bedding, pillows and other items that maintain the character and quality of a hand-made, one-of-a-kind piece of art,” said Shari Hammer, Owner and President of Siscovers.