Bombay Dyeing, a textile company, reported its revenue from operation to rs. 377.70 cr in Q3 that ended on December 31, 2019. For the year-on-year (YoY) basis, the revenue for nine months period decreased from rs. 1,643.40 cr last year to rs. 1,581.52 cr. Total income in Q3 stood at rs. 389.61 cr compared to rs. 425.31 cr same period prior year. Total income YoY basis was rs. 1,627.36 cr compared to rs. 1,680.51 cr in prior year.

Bombay Dyeing reported loss before tax to rs. 164.82 cr in the nine months period compared to rs. 36.84 cr loss in prior year period. Retail/ Textile segment sales for the quarter decreased to rs. 46.25 cr compared to rs. 82.28 cr in same quarter prior year. While for nine months period the segment stayed stagnant at rs. 196.52 cr compared to rs. 197.69 prior year.

Real estate net sales for nine months period increased to rs. 503.87 cr compared to rs. 373.73 cr prior year. Polyester net sales decreased to rs. 881.13 cr compared to rs. 1,071.98 cr.